Символ I

Расширение Форматы К-ство форматов
i3pack i3pack audio file 1
ico Icon File 1
ics iCalendar File, IronCAD 3D Drawing File, IC Recorder Sound File 3
ifo DVD-Video Disc Information File 1
igs IGES Drawing File 1
ima WinImage Disk Image, Sage ACT! Email Message 2
image Apple Disk Image 1
imd GIS Image Metadata File, Microsoft VisualModeler File, Caseware IDEA data file 3
img CloneCD image file 1
indd Adobe InDesign document 1
ink CorelDRAW Pantone reference fills file 1
ipa iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad application file 1
ipt Autodesk Inventor Part File 1
irf CCTV DVR H.264 Video File, RoomBox6 IR Code File, Autodesk Impression drawing file 3
iso Compact Disc File System (ISO) File 1
isz UltraISO compressed disk image file 1
ithmb iPod, iPad and iPhone Photo Thumbnails 1
iwi Infinity Ward Texture File 1
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